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Think about Fitness Differently

Fitness can sometimes feel like an obligation, something we need to get done because we got ice cream with the apple pie last night or simply because we can tell that those days when all we had to do was skip the ice cream to keep our skinny jeans fitting properly are gone. I propose that we start thinking about fitness in a different way (and of course, I am not the first one to propose this). Let's think of fitness as a means towards a stronger self, a self that can walk a few miles to a destination, a self that can climb up that hill once thought of as impossible, a self that is able to do tasks that were impossible before. When we watch weight loss commercials on TV, they often show us the person with a very unhappy face in their before picture, then, there is the happy (often much more tanned) person holding a pair of pants to show how much smaller they are. I wish that they would show this person running after their kids or simply being active instead. Fitness to me is not just fitting into a specific size and having people tell me how great I look nowadays, fitness is knowing I can play sports with my daughter, being able to carry stuff up the hills, and working toward being stronger than I was yesterday. If we stop thinking of fitness as an obligation and start thinking of it as a need and perhaps a gift, we might find it easier to make it to the gym or to go out for that run tomorrow. Shall we?!

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Where it all began……

It was around five years ago that I realized that running/walking those few miles every other day was changing and helping the (very mild postpartum) depression that had been looming over my head for over a year, I no longer felt like crying or being mad for no reason, in fact, I was starting to enjoy being a mom a little more everyday for the very first time. It was about 5 years ago that I signed up to run my first marathon. It was 5 years ago that I decided that I wanted to embrace fitness and I am so grateful for that. Fitness lifted my fog and makes me, to this day, a better wife and mom, a better person. When people ask me why I became a personal trainer I tell them that I believe in fitness and how it can change lives.

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